Friday, October 23, 2009

weekend music

some good tunes, dudes. if you have time this weekend and want to explore:
kings of convenience
ingrid michaelson
jamisonparker (i mean, shes a little dark, haha, but the music is justttt beautiful)
ahn trio
away we go soundtrack

there's much more where that came from. add to the list is you want!


  1. great suggestions =)

    I've been listening to Making April a lot recently, also some nice weekend tunes

  2. love love love ingrid michaelson! lady in spain's my favorite:)

  3. ingrid is wonderfulll! as is her male counterpart, jason mraz :)

  4. ingrid michaelson is so great. 'be ok' is one of my favourites.

    alexi murdoch on the away we go soundtrack is genius. so beautiful.

    i really love frightened rabbit and their song 'the twist'. also serena ryder and she & him (zooey deschanel is perfection).

    weak in the knees and just another day by serena ryder are awesome.

  5. jamisonparker is AMAZING. have been completely addicted the past few days for some reason.

  6. the soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer is wonderful bought it at the same time as I bought the Away We Go soundtrack

  7. love ingrid. her, imogen heap and brandi carlile all came out with cds in the past two months :)

    other favourites - dar williams 'beauty of the rain' / patty griffin / EVA CASSIDY

  8. parker of jamisonparker is my brother :) he is now in the band say anything.

  9. parker is your brother? thats so cool! he's awesome! i love say anything/jamisonparker/i and the universe. hardcore.

  10. good choices :)

    This week I found some music from Frontier Ruckus, they have a really interesting folksy sound!

  11. Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack is great:D
    and i've been listening to Brett Dennen lately<3

  12. florence & the machine is my new obsession, particularly 'howl.'

    i also highly recommend kate tucker & the sons of sweden. :)