Friday, October 2, 2009


she is so real and alive. but only we can give life to her. and only we can breathe and let her go. why is it so much easier to allow her to live strong than to be done with her. or maybe letting her go is as easy as meeting her but i haven't mastered that part yet :) we are much stronger then we give ourselves credit for. we can always do anything we want. so how do thinks get in the way. and really get in the way! and we let them! its so rude. i vote no. and they somehow come back. but i am on my way to managing the thinks!!! i'm trying. in with deep breathes. out with fear. out, out, out with fear. you can do it too. LOVE


  1. your strength and positive vibes are so unbelievably refreshing. thank you for being you because you're definitely one amazing individual.

  2. Thank you for this, it's beautiful and true. Also, even though you're out of the cast for a few months on medical leave, will you still be going to DC on october 11th?! I hope so! Love.