save my hippie

Friday, November 27, 2009


love. family. friends. teachers. mashed potatoes. mom. dad. parker. little dogs. beans the cat. riley the cat. brother. ukelele. friend who gave me their old ukelele. sunflowers. any flowers. lavender hot chocolate. little bamboo plant. terri. love. my warm bed when i need it. musicians. actors. creators. anyone who creates no matter what that is. feelings. enemies. hard situations. kind words. hurtful words. my HEALTHY body. everyones whole health and being. the universe. the cosmos. the stars. the sun and moon. yogi tea bag quotes. photos. books. erika. lara. my expanding mind. ego. awakenings. skype. flannel shirts. sweatpants. 22. synchronicity and coincidences. ryry. gram's cards in the mail. halloween candy and card in a box with love from california. recalling. forgetting. change. fear. joy. understanding. not understanding anything. asking why. and how. and what next. and then letting go of the questions. alive. alive. alive. life. that swimming pool. lessons. not making plans. blogs. fans. beautiful supportive loving fans. the unknown. fear. fear. fear. so much fear. so you think you can dance. garageband. dailyom. a guided meditation. unexpected letters. 2nd chances. apple cider. 4th chances. creating something. letting it go. lavender oil. sage oil. deeep breathsssss.... "its amazing how you love..." i am still learning but you all have taught me so much. i love you all. kindness must spread. love love love.

Friday, November 13, 2009

always been there

be mindful of the now. it so easily slips away and days, weeks, months, years later we can snap back into it as we wonder what has happened in all this time that's flown by. and in that moment its not time to regret but to be empowered and inspired on what is possible. and make a commitment to fight the good fight for what you believe in, what you want, what you want to accomplish. because the little truth is we already have everything we ever wanted. and we already are exactly what we wanted to be. it all reveals itself when it reveals itself. never loose the faith. thats the gold, dudes. that's the real stuff. you can talk yourself out of it. but know that if you do you will eventually have to talk yourself back in- so why leave in the first place? we are strong. we are smart. we are beautiful. whatever all those things mean to you. believe it. create it. get up and do it. you have a choice to wait around for something to happen to you. you have a choice to make a choice and run around celebrating it. because whatever choice you make is the right one. its the one you make. believe. seriously. keep the faith. find the faith. rediscover the faith. its always been there. always will be. its just defining it for yourself so you can understand. it isnt anything but what you know it to be. there is love all around. look everywhere. you will find it. give it back. and it comes back to you. listen to your own advice. im trying.

Monday, November 2, 2009

says who

don't let yourself talk you out of doing something great. jump in!!!!! you will be very glad you did :) LOVE

Monday, October 26, 2009

worlds smallest dog

dont worry, his name is boo boo (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) i want to hang out with him. LOVE

Sunday, October 25, 2009

yogi tea bag says:

listen and you will develop intuition

Friday, October 23, 2009

weekend music

some good tunes, dudes. if you have time this weekend and want to explore:
kings of convenience
ingrid michaelson
jamisonparker (i mean, shes a little dark, haha, but the music is justttt beautiful)
ahn trio
away we go soundtrack

there's much more where that came from. add to the list is you want!

Monday, October 19, 2009

hey hey you you

make a commitment today to see the good, not the bad. cause there is usually about 100 good to 1 bad. try for real. you can do it i know you can :)