Monday, September 21, 2009

a little on now.

we keep moving through all the everythings. once we decide we arn't reversing: time, age, memories, what was... we learn to only fully move in the only direction available to us. and once we get enough forward momentum there isn't energy left to give to what was. could have been. should have been. living in all that lets you pass by all the now. like the long beach to jfk jetblue direct flight. you're in california and somehow five hours later you're across the country. but to think what you flew over in those 5 hours. how many peoples lives were going on just underneath you. many people were probably born. someone had a fight. someone made up. lives probably changed in some state. someone was probably moving. someone probably adopted a dog. granted you are not directly involved with all these events, or maybe you are, but things are always going on. in everyones lives. to live in yesterday, to live in last month, last year...allows you to not live in this day, this hour, this second. LOVE


  1. I find your blog so inspiring and helpful, especially now. I'm playing Jeanie in a production of Hair that opens this Friday, and I broke my foot yesterday. I'm still going to be in the show, but not the way I've been planning on. Reading about your positive energy in the face of what you're going through, has been a direct inspiration to keep myself positive too. thanks!

  2. You are such an deep insentive soul ;) its so nice to see people who i admire in the broadway business so nice and down to earth


  3. This moment it beautiful because I got to read your inspiring words! Thank you for the perspective! Peace, Beauty, Freedom, Love.

  4. <3
    I think that emoticon explains enough.